Friday, January 6, 2012

Easter 2011


The girls getting serious about this egg hunt!

L got the golden egg with cash inside!

March and April of 2011

the girls right before L's school performance

L at her School performance about being green. :)

L is 4!!

Happy Birthday!
C is 7!!  We had her Party at Amazing Jake's in Plano!
We didn't take a lot of pics; I guess we were too busy playing games and having fun. :)
L had PJ day at school!
L in a new outfit she got for her b'day!
C got to wear her Tangled outfit to school but I don't recall why? :)
Girls playing with Chu-man
Grama and G'Ma got to go with C on her Fieldtrip to the Dallas World Aquarium!
Tom and Jerry Cake for C!
C on her field trip
L playing in a soccer game she's # 8.
L at soccer practice

Barbie Fashion Fairy Tale Party!

January and February of 2011

Cousins came over to visit in Jan.

L in Jan

C in Jan

Snow Again!

Girls playing Fancy Nancy and The Posh Puppy!

Playing in the Snow; they now think it's the norm for Texas.

December 2010

The girls with Freddy the snowman
L out of school for Christmas Break!

Decorating for Christmas

Last minute decorating

L on Christmas Morning

C on Christmas Morning

C in her Tangled outfit

Me in the tangled wig

L performing

Playing with new presents

There outta there!  Leaving school for Christmas break!! 
Me and A Dawson about to go out for his birthday on New Years Eve - This isn't the best pic ever but it's the only one I've got.  :)